The team has been successful during the previous years till now. It appears that Educative Projects are currently the main arts we are dealing with.

    PAQlite  paqlite trial splah in

The App “PAQlite” which is an updated version of Science Passco Wassce is the newest product in town. paqlite trial splah in

                       Objective for Creating PAQlite

Education is an asset, and a reputable one of course, as we strive to educate our infants as a nation, It is very vital to put in measures which will inspire students to learn more and with much ease.

It was realized that students always stress themselves up in conveying books to study, this brought about our keen interest in making the the work much easier. We taught of “Smart Phone Study“. It was left for the team to device means by which the problem can be well handled.

hard work yielded the formal app (Science Passco), from comments and ratings at the Google play-store, the team noticed that work-done was appreciated by users. As time went on, users wanted more from PAQsoft so we had to add more features to the app.

This brought about the initiation of PAQlite which hosts more of Relevant Educative information that can be well used by every student who is ready to study and make good grades.

[Download PAQlite]

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